Boucher was so delighted with Fragonard's talent that the master even allowed him to make replicas of his own work.

Jean-Honor Fragonard(1) Jean-Honor Fragonard was born on April 5, 1732, the son of a French Glover or assistant haberdasher in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes. His artistic facility was seen at an early age that he presented to Francios Boucher through his fatherfs acquaintances for possible training. He was declined by the master who did recognize his talent but deemed him too much a waste of time to engage in teaching such an inexperienced student. He was sent to Chardinfs atelier where he studied for six months under the great luminist and returned better prepared and experienced to get training and mentorship from Boucher whose style he soon learned. Boucher was so delighted with his talent that the master even allowed him to make replicafs of his own work. This was much to the masterfs delight, for it allowed his studio to produce the required numbers of artwork to satisfy the endless demand for quality artwork.